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Through the years, SW Electric has grown from strength to strength by constantly innovating on our 3 core product categories – lighting, medium voltage products and cable accessories. Our strong partnerships with international brands in these categories have empowered us with the knowledge to continuously develop products of high quality and top-notch performance.

Our consultation services have a solid foundation in our strategic international collaborations that enabled us to acquire cutting-edge industry know-how and skills in various electrical and engineering projects involving our products. Hence, we are well-equipped to educate and advise clients and help them make the right choices for their projects.


Lighting Up Your Space

We have a dedicated team of lighting specialists that is ready to provide lighting consultation and sourcing services according to customer’s requirement.

MOON Lighting was created to provide both customizable & general LED lighting solution that better meet the industry needs.

PROF (Professional) Series

Designed to perform under harsh environment such as high dust area (i.e. flour mill) and mission critical application ( for circuit board production area).

With cutting edge manufacturing capabilities, Moon’s Prof Series provides value-for-money lighting solutions that meets application requirement with long lifespan which minimize maintenance cost overtime for users.

PROF Series is for you if you’re looking for:

≥ 2-years Lifespan
High Efficacy (Lumen/w)
High Power Factor

HOME (Consumer) Series

Affordable general household lighting designed for daily light usage(4-6hours a day) in non critical areas(i.e. living room & common areas)

HOME Series is widely distributed to maximise ease of replacement for home users
HOME Series is for you if you’re looking for:

1-year Lifespan
Average Efficacy
Affordable Price Tag

CUST (Customization) Series

Through leveraging manufacturing capacity of Moon’s specialized lighting supply chain, CUST Series is able to meet unique project requirements (i.e Solar floodlight and made-to-order lighting fixtures)
CUST Series is for you if you’re looking for:

Uncommon Lighting Products
Budget Friendly Offerings

Partner Brands:

Power of Connectivity - Medium Voltage (MV) Products

Our MV specialist team work closely with consultants to resolve challenges face in areas of choosing the right product without compromising on requirement and safety.

Our team will be able to provide you insights on busduct, switchgear and transformer related matters as we are trained & supported by world class engineering team of global brands like SIEMENS, ABB, HENIKWON & JSHP.

Partner Brands:

Essential Cable Accessories

Our team specializes in both cold and heat shrink cable joint and termination solutions.

By partnering with 3M’s technology in cold shrink cable joint and termination solutions allow us to help our customers to meet stringent site requirements. Kitting is an essential in any sourcing process for cable jointing project, we aim to provide customer with hassle and worry free sourcing experience.

Partner Brands: