Delivering Performance-driven Electrical Materials and Installation Solutions

Ensuring safety and efficiency through advisory services and renowned brands

Fuelling Your Company Growth through Our Expertise

Founded in 1974, SW Electric Sdn. Bhd. started out as a distributor of electrical materials and accessories. With strategic leadership and smart business acumen, the company grew through the years and built its reputation as a progressive and passionate industry player to secure collaborations with world leading brands in electrical materials and components. These key collaborations enabled SW Electric to gain technical know-how and expertise in providing installation materials and solutions to the Residential, Commercial and Infrastructure segments of the Building & Construction sector.

In order to better serve its clients, the company segmented its operation into two business units – Installer and Distribution. The Installer Business Unit serves large and medium contractors. The Distribution Business serves dealers and retailers that sell electrical materials to small contractors and end-users. SW Electric also offers professional consultation services for medium to large scale projects.

Fuelling Your Company Growth through Our Expertise

SW Electric excels at serving our clients anywhere in Malaysia with our nationwide coverage of distribution channels for products such as lighting, power distribution, wiring devices, HVAC, lightning protection, cable accessories and cable management. Being a well-established industry player with decades of staying power, we are known to provide reliable sales and support services. Our team of product specialists is dedicated to work with our clients and help them grow their businesses.

Industry Certification and Recognition

Strategic Brand Partnership

Satisfied Clients

Our Vision

To provide our clients an omni-channel experience with both online and offline options for easy and convenient access to our company’s electrical materials and installation solutions.

Our Core Values

At SW Electric, we emphasise on achieving success through team work and spirit of togetherness. Our team members strive to work seamlessly with each other, share responsibilities and manage all work and projects together. We thrive on mutual respect for our clients, employees, partners, suppliers and dealers to establish win-win long term working relationships.

Our Mission

Installer Business

To be the most sought-after project solution partner to large-and medium-sized installers in the new Construction, Mechanical & Electrical space focused on Residential & Commercial sectors.

Distribution Business

To be the preferred distributor of installation materials for brand owners and dealers or resellers, with the largest network of quality point-of-sales.